Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Stand Between a Girl and Her Caffeine!

should have taken pictures with it fully taken apart.....scary.

I know this is not my typical furniture post but I have to toot my own horn. You know how I like to save money but what you may not know is I am a coffee snob and am totaly addicted to my espresso machine. Well it started leaking on me and I called tech support and asked about service. Their service fee is $275.00. I know....WHAT! You gotta be kidding me. I know it is a high dollar machine ( purchased at a steal on ebay) but this chick has been out of work for three years and is on a budget. What does a girl with no fear do? If you said start taking it apart you are correct!!
I removed all the sides, back and top.....while husband got nervous. found the leak and started taking it apart to fiure out why it was leaking. Simple.....needs new o-rings. Hubby goes to Lowes and gets what looks like the right size....wrong. They looked exactly the same but did not do the trick, so I called the maufacturer to see if they would sell me the o-rings and no dice. They will not even let any other service companies work on their machines.....snobs!
What do I do....detective work to find a supplier. I found suppliers all over Europe but could not read french. So I go where I should have to start with...my trust allways helpful Ebay. Searched and found a guys who sells and works on this machine.....I won't tell the manufacturer if you don't. He shipped me the o-rings and order is restored in my home. How much money did I save you may be asking yourself right now......$261.00 smackarooooos~ Now that is what I am toalking about! Can you tell I am a little proud of myself? Oh yeah!!
Now I need to go downstairs and take pictures of the table set I just finished......it is too cute but must be sold.


Chrissie said...

You go girl!

Kristi said...

You are one awesome chic!

A Vintage Vine said...

I love to save money! Way to go!