Monday, April 18, 2011

Ammo Case To Bench

This is the first project that my sweet husband has helped me with and I want to thank him publicly. It made the project even more fun to have him helping me. This is an ammo case I got from our local gun & ammo store. The girl that bought my round table set wanted a bench and I told her about the ammo box and she loved the idea. Here it is....
We started sanding and knew that we needed more help so my hubby leaves and brings me back this......pitter patter goes my heart.
He is just the bestest! He really knows what makes me happy....I would rather have power tools any day over flowers.....anywhooo back to the bench... A while later it was looking much better...
After we....well mostly he finished sanding I stained it with some oops black stain from Lowe's....gotta love the oops section for saving some money. Next came lots of sanding to get the desired look, then another rub down with brown stain to warm up the wood that was now peeking through. I then finished it off with a good coat of wood wax. The inside was sanded, stained and waxed.
I almost forgot to mention Joe mad the awesome feet out of 4x4 pine.

I have one more ammo box and I am making a table out of it.......will post as soon as it is done.

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