Friday, April 30, 2010

Can you say........SCORE!

I couldn't wait to get home and show this to my people! I went yard saleing today with one of my buddies.
There was one listed in Craigslist the was a double estate sale. We called the lady and she said we would need about 2 hours to see it all. Can you claim false advertisement for a tag sale? There were pictures of things that made me and my friend salivate. When we got there it took less than 5 minutes to see it all. My friend was looking for old pedal cars that were pictured in the ad. Half of the pictured stuff was not there but would arrive at 1:00. We drove 25 minutes to get there at 6:45 and it all wasn't there?????? Let me just tell you this...they were very proud of their stuff. They had everything priced with antique mall prices. I was not a happy camper!!!
So.....we came back to the house and found a web site that listed yard sales and set out again. I am so glad because I scored big. I found an antique buffet at a sale that was packed with cars. We thought we were probably too late but there she was.....whispering to me....."take me home"! "Joe will not be mad for long" I saw no price on her and quickly looked for the seller. She directed me to a busy little man and he barely looked up and said "$35.00". I replied with buggin eyes "SOLD". I paid and loaded her up as quickly as I could for fear that he would tackle me and say he had made a mistake.
You wanna see her?
Is-n't she love-ly....Isn't she won-der-ful....yes I am singing!
The next picture is of a newspaper that was in the side compartment...

She was a traveler! How do I know this? Because I don't live in Virginia! Duh!

Here is the find that my buddy picked up at the first false advertisement sale.

It steers with the feet peddles and you push and pull the handle to go. Neither of us had ever seen one of these before. They had a couple rusted out tractors but we liked this one because it is more unique.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off The Cuff

This is a new kind of project for me to share with you. I am a diverse crafter. I get bored doing just one thing and have always jumped from one thing to another. It drives my hubby crazy. Today I will show you a simple sewing project. I literally cut the cuff off of a thrift store shirt that I loved in the store....but hated on me when I wore it.
Didn't do step by step because this was pre-blogging.
Thought it would give you a sense of scale to see my hand. Just big enough for license and necessary cards when doing out for the night or quick run to the grocery store.

The only sewing was to stitch binding and clear plastic for pockets and handle.
The funny thing is I have never used it. Wanted to make up some stash for Etsy. Do you think this is Etsy worthy......

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who Me? Featured? Oh My!

Time to give props to a few friendly bloggers out there who made me feel special!

On Thursday, Lori, over at  Life as Lori  has a "Get Your Craft On Thursday Party". I was thrilled to find out that the "Spray Paint Art" piece that I did for a friend's apartment was featured. She features her favorite few projects the next Wednesday after she reviews all of the entries. Check out the party and poke around a bit. She has a great blog. Lori, Thanks for hosting a great party and for showing me some bloggin love for my project!

Over at the The Speckled Dog  Kristi has a "Weekly Faves" post where she picks out her favorite projects from all of the parties she participates in. Let me tell you it is so worth it to check out her site. She has the greatest header I have ever seen! She also has a lot of great rehabs. Thanks Kristi for choosing my Gun Cabinet Rehab.

On Wednesday there is a great link party over at  Just A Girl  with more of the great thumb nail pictures. She has a fantastic blog with tons of stuff to keep you busy for hours. Sunday is "Show and Share Day" where she shows her favorites and get this......she even gives away prizes! Gotta love that.
Thanks for exposing my "Gun Cabinet Rehab" to the masses.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Madness Must Stop!

I think my husband is about to ban me from Craigslist. I am collecting furniture and projects faster than I am refinishing! As frustrated as he gets every time I bring something else in he sees how happy it makes me and he gets over it. I will not push my luck tough. I have enough......ooooh I think?

As I mentioned in a previous post we organized the basement. I told you I would post pictures, and I will, but I can't even get to all of it to take pictures because it is all pushed in together. He bought casters to put all of the big stuff on so I can push it out and start on it without him being around. My man is genius!
Here are a few pictures of the things I could get to.
Freebie from Mom!

Hard to tell but there are 2 desks under that pile of stuff. That makes 3 desks that need to be fixed up!

Another freebie from Mom...don't hate me cause I am blessed with a junkin Mom!
She didn't even know that there was a drawer in it....
sorry it is blurrrrrry......I think the paint fumes from earlier in the day took a tole!
This next grouping came from Craigslist.....I LOVE IT SO!

Dresser, night stand, Chest of Drawers, Mirror and part of the headboard. Can you just see this now painted white with black hardware? Swoon!  I will show you the panels from the headboard later! I have a project in mind that will be flippin great!!!

This gives you an idea how tight it is packed in. there are more pieces stacked in there that I will show later.
Should I feel anxiety with this much stuff to do? Got a new spray gun and I am eager to use it!

Will Work For Freebies!!!!

I helped my Mom last weekend with a yard sale. I have to admit I was not looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong....I love spending time with my Mother, but I would rather be shopping yard sales than working one. After this experience I will be volunteering to help at her next yard sale. Let me just show you a couple of things I walked away with FREE of charge!!! Did you get that...... FREE!
Ooooh...look at that rustic goodness on the side. Flowers are purrty too!

ummmmm....what will I do with this?

I think it needs to go on the front porch with some purrytness in!

She gave me this plate that no one wanted.....I was planning what to do with when I first layed eyes on it. It was mine!!!!

Can you guess what I did with it??? Can ya huh huh?

YAY! It got a little Cricut lovin rubbed on it!

How's that for FREE.....I don't count the vinyl because I already had that!
She also gave me a great camera tripod but it is not pretty enough for pictures.

Wait a minute....I just remembered that I also came away from that sale with work to do! Still worth it because the work is just a table that needs to be reworked. Just a little sumpin' sumpin' to build my skills!
EDIT: Can't believe I forgot this hubby loved it and has claimed it for his foot stool!

Freebie! Yay. Mom didn't know it had a drawer. Can you say remote control keeper???

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've Been Featured 4 the 1st Time & A Little Sneaky Peak!

Oh yeah...oh yeah....did ya see that cute little button over there on the right? I must say I think Stephanie Lynn over at "Under The Table And Dreaming" has splendid taste! mom would scold me for bragging. Please don't hate me I am just having a moment of hysteria from the excitement!!!!!! If you could only see me now.....twirling around the house, smiling from ear to ear. I would be calling all of my friends and family if it were not early.
I know... calm is only a blog. Only a blog? No, I say it is fan-tab-u-lous!
Ok....I think it is time to get going on the next project.......wanna peak? I knew you would!
See that little piece peeping out between the bottles???
Ummm-huh...oh yeah........
I am all over this one!

Monday, April 19, 2010

ALERT! ALERT! Major Prize Giveaway...

You gotta go check out "One Cheap B*tch"! She is having a giveaway to celebrate having 400 followers. She has a great blog with lots of creative ideas. I look forward to all of her posts.

Copy and post the link into your address bar and have fun!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Building Dreams

Now.... I will tell you up front that there are no pictures in this if that is what you are huntin' I am sorry. I spent the day with my best friend (my hubby)! He didn't think my work area in the basement garage was organized enough. At first this stressed me out cause quite frankly I could work in the wake of a hurricane! He is slightly OCD but this is a good balance because he keeps me from total chaos and I keep him from getting too uptight. I guess that is why we have been together for 24 years.

I have to say he is "the man" when it comes to organizing. I can't focus long enough to do it....projects.....projects.....projects......they neeeed me.......they call me! YIKES....I almost forgot to tell you the best part! I got a spray gun to go on the compressor. I am thinking this will be more cost effective than spray paint. I went through about 7 cans on the gun cabinet.

Anywhooo....we took everything out of the garage bays and he set me up a work bench, a tool bench, my air compresor and we went to the store and got moving dollies so I can push the big pieces of furniture around when he is not here. Ummm tomorrow I will take pictures of all of the pieces I have to work on.

When I get started doing something I like I dive in  and take no prisoners......wait.....I could think of the sad pieces down there as prisoners and I will set them each free with a little .....well for some a whole lot of TLC.

Today I picked up my Grandparents antique buffet and table. These two pieces will be keepers. I think the rest will sell if the good Lord is willing. That is my goal.

Is it normal to dream about projects.....because if not I am in trouble!!!!!

I have to give my husband kudos for keeping his calm every time I have come home lately with really...this is the last piece a DIY project. Clutter drives him crazy and it looks like a moving truck gave birth in the basement. I hate it makes him crazy but it makes me giddy!!! Not clutter itself but what the clutter is........

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Furniture Transformation


This project has taken me way longer than I would have ever dreamed. I hear others in blog land talk of doing projects in a weekend....what is up with that. Maybe some day I can be more efficient.

I bought this gun cabinet from a lady on Craigslist. Her dog tried to bite me but it was so worth it.

Are ya just itchin to see it? Ok I will stop teasing. Her she is in all her faded glory.

She is a little rough around the edges. I am sure she had seen better days.

I took her apart to make the sanding and spray painting a little easier. Time for sanding.....

I sanded the whole thing down and filled in deep scratches and chips with wood filler......I kinda missed some picture taking opportunities here. I added crown molding to the top. After sanding I primed everything and then decided to add two slots for baskets.

I remembered to take the most random pictures. This is the basket box that I was building.

Just a little peep

The drawer pull and knob were both ORB and did not show well so I gave them a spattering of silver and now they pop and match the chicken wire!

Oh...I know....GET ON WITH IT!

I junked the pressed stuff that was on the back and replaced it with bead board. I painted it white and then glazed it. There was no glass for the door so I stapled and stapled and stapled....oh sorry....chicken wire. Did I mention that it took a billion staples for the chicken wire and that I can attest to the fact that it will eat your knuckles off.


Just a couple more angles cause I just cant stop!!!

This one helps you see the glazed bead board goodness!


Ain't she a beauty? Just as I envisioned her to be!!
Would you have done something different? Let me have it.

Update: I just have to say that the best part of this project has been the end. Let me explain....Every person that has come into our home has been escorted by my husband to see the cabinet. I think he is a tad proud. Makes my heart go pitter patter!

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