Monday, May 3, 2010

Disappointed About NO Reveal's like this. I was so excited about finishing up the desk for my niece's birthday and revealing it today. Between the rain and the pain in my neck from over doing it for the last few days it will have to wait till tomorrow. I have had two disks fused in my neck and should do a better job pacing myself but I let my excitement cloud my judgement. I guess I could take pictures of it without the clear coat but then it would not be staged. A girl needs to stage her pieces....right? Oh well there is always tomorrow...Tooo-morrow, to-morrow..... I'll finish you...'s only a daaaay aaaa-way! Lol...were you singing along?

This is the sad before....just a tease


Kristi said...

Can't wait to see it!!!

Blarney said...

Ohhh ... I've got my ideas for it!

Crystal said...

It's only one day.....we can all wait....I think! Just kidding, make sure you take care of yourself! Did you ever figure out what painting technique to use? Just curious. Have a great day!