Friday, February 18, 2011

Can You Imagine What COULD Be Done With This?

I am trolling Craigslist while sipping my cup of  cootie killer Immune Boost this morning and came across an ad for a free 1980's piano. You know you have it bad when all you can think is....I could use those front legs to make some sweet candle stands....could use the 3 panel board above the keys to make a message board.....could use the top piece of wood to make a sign. There is all this old beautiful wood and they are giving it away. I know....I am sure there is someone out there looking at this same ad wondering how much it would cost to restore it to it's glory so they can learn to play. I have been there and tried I see it as a canvas for creativity! What would you do and please don't beat me up....I have a problem and it is called impulsive creativity disorder. LMBO.
Well....What would you do????


Kristi said...

I would call you and say what can you do with this? lol I have no clue, but I am sure Joe is going to enjoy picking it up and helping you do something with it.

Kreative Knack said...

OMG! You could do so much with it! You could do what you thought of or Take it completely apart to make a bench, head board and foot board. OMG! I would pick it up so quickly! Get it Girl!

Donna @ said...

What are you waiting for?! RUN! get it before someone else does!!! use the keys for some funky art, us it all! you can do it!!! it's FREE!!