Friday, May 11, 2012

I am Fibromyalgia.

This should explain where I have been.......I still hope to post the occasional piece as I feel up to it. I hope this post will help someone as it is not meant for sympathy. This was written by me when I was having a really bad day.....

If it is too hard to read then here it is in larger font.....

I am here hiding in plain sight, you can't see me
Oh but she can feel me
"I am fibromyalgia"
I play tricks on those that I haunt
I let her have good days and make her think she can do ordinary activities
Then I make her pay.....
That painting she did.....made her hands, shoulders and neck hurt for a week.
The fishing she did....that was a good one, VICTORY
She can't stop the pain and the numbness.
"I am fibromyalgia"
I make my victims look like they are hypochondriacs
You saw her looking good, laughing and goofing off so you don't want to believe she is sick.
You saw her planting flowers last week but when asked to do a similar activity with you days later she said she isn't up to it......
I make it look like she can do the things she wants to.....but you don't know all the things she would be doing if I didn't interfere.
I make her pick and choose what is worth the pain and fatigue
I rob her of joy......oh the smile is there but she is a master of camouflage.
I make it hard for her to breathe some days because the fatigue is so overwhelming.
Am I convincing you that she is lazy.....isn't that what you have thought....I win.
"I am fibromyalgia and I am cunning"
I look like many disorders and I come with a wide range of symptoms:
Widespread pain and stiffness,  Fatigue or trouble sleeping, Paresthesia (tingling), Irritable bowel syndrome, Skin sensitivity, Heightened sensitivity to noises, bright lights, smells, Depression, Headaches, Pain after exertion, Memory lapses or difficulty concentrating, Restless legs syndrome, Dizziness and the list goes on
The next time you see someone that I have a grip on please be understanding of the struggles that I bring to them....
I am you know me?


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Bless Your Heart and thank you for sharing this with us..
I hope one day folks learn they cant tell by looking at someone or their actions at any given moment, whats really going on in their Mind, Body or Life. Looking isnt SEEING.
Thanks for showing us.

Happy Mothers Day

One Life Many Journeys said...

Sonny, you hit it on the head. I too have been guilty in my younger years of judging someones health based on the snapshots of their life that I saw. Never thinking that I may have only seen the "good" moments in their life. Thank you for your insightful comment! Have a blessed day.

Kristi said...

Beautifully written friend. I miss you! I pray you are having better days more than bad. I love ya, and I hope to get to see you again in the near future.