Friday, May 11, 2012

I am Fibromyalgia.

This should explain where I have been.......I still hope to post the occasional piece as I feel up to it. I hope this post will help someone as it is not meant for sympathy. This was written by me when I was having a really bad day.....

If it is too hard to read then here it is in larger font.....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwin' Things Together Family Style

I get no greater pleasure than working on a project with family.

This little bench is something my brother threw together and then came to big Sis to get help with the finish. I decided to experiment with a technique I have seen in Blogville. We sprayed it red, let it dry (with a heat gun.....impatient) then rubbed it in spots with a candle then painted over it with black. When the black was dry (heat gun again) I rubbed the wax spots with steel wool after heating them with the heat gun.....Ka-Blam! That is the easiest and quickest way to get a worn look without sanding marks. What do ya think???

I had a hard time getting my lighting were taken at night.
Cohorts in crime....I mean co-project-workers


Monday, April 18, 2011

Ammo Case To Bench

This is the first project that my sweet husband has helped me with and I want to thank him publicly. It made the project even more fun to have him helping me. This is an ammo case I got from our local gun & ammo store. The girl that bought my round table set wanted a bench and I told her about the ammo box and she loved the idea. Here it is....
We started sanding and knew that we needed more help so my hubby leaves and brings me back this......pitter patter goes my heart.
He is just the bestest! He really knows what makes me happy....I would rather have power tools any day over flowers.....anywhooo back to the bench... A while later it was looking much better...
After we....well mostly he finished sanding I stained it with some oops black stain from Lowe's....gotta love the oops section for saving some money. Next came lots of sanding to get the desired look, then another rub down with brown stain to warm up the wood that was now peeking through. I then finished it off with a good coat of wood wax. The inside was sanded, stained and waxed.
I almost forgot to mention Joe mad the awesome feet out of 4x4 pine.

I have one more ammo box and I am making a table out of it.......will post as soon as it is done.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Can You Imagine What COULD Be Done With This?

I am trolling Craigslist while sipping my cup of  cootie killer Immune Boost this morning and came across an ad for a free 1980's piano. You know you have it bad when all you can think is....I could use those front legs to make some sweet candle stands....could use the 3 panel board above the keys to make a message board.....could use the top piece of wood to make a sign. There is all this old beautiful wood and they are giving it away. I know....I am sure there is someone out there looking at this same ad wondering how much it would cost to restore it to it's glory so they can learn to play. I have been there and tried I see it as a canvas for creativity! What would you do and please don't beat me up....I have a problem and it is called impulsive creativity disorder. LMBO.
Well....What would you do????

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Goodwill Refab

I was stalking browsing in a Goodwill in a nearby town and saw these sad little tables. I just knew no one in their right mind would want them except me, of course. I am hoping to change that thought. They were just kind of piled together so it was hard to tell exactly how they would work. You know how GW loves to tape stuff together. They intrigued me so in the car they went.....shhhhhh. I am not supposed to be buying more stuff. My husband thinks I have enough. Is that really possible? Well....anywhoo.... I didn't get before pictures of anything but the drawers. The tops were a mess. The veneer was cracking and coming up. Nothing a little wood glue and wood filler can't fix. I will start the pictures with the drawers and go right to the part we all love....Tadaaa! The after!
After so many coats of primer I lost count.....paint, modge podge, distressing and is the Tadaaa!

Now they just need a new home......
Updated: Sold....$80.00
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Dream Is Gonna Happen!

First let me say that most of my dreams include spending time with my husband. I have been hinting and out right begging him to hang with me in the basement when I am working on projects. He wasn't feelin' it so I have not spent as much time down there as I would like.
Well that is about to change. He has started building workbenches and shelving for people and is getting more into being in the basement. He even said he would start helping me with some of the sanding and prep work on larger pieces of furniture. WHAT! Shut the front door....I am STOKED! We spent the day yesterday setting the basement up to suit both of us. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time organizing than I do getting anything done. I guess getting your work space right is an ever evolving thin.
Refabbing will be even more fun now....and I will probably get way more done and can start listing pieces on Craigslist to supplement our income.
We all have different dreams and that is mine.....I am a simple girl and it don't take much......just time with my man. 25 years and still lovin' my man.
Check out his new blog Will Build 4 You and if ya got a minute show him a little bloggin' hospitality.

Just a teaser of his handy work

This is what we call "The Wet Work Station" What makes it great is the "Man Sink". It is the best thing we have ever done in our house. We installed it to use with our Reef tank. Well that is gone and the sink remains. Read more about it on his blog.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Stand Between a Girl and Her Caffeine!

should have taken pictures with it fully taken apart.....scary.

I know this is not my typical furniture post but I have to toot my own horn. You know how I like to save money but what you may not know is I am a coffee snob and am totaly addicted to my espresso machine. Well it started leaking on me and I called tech support and asked about service. Their service fee is $275.00. I know....WHAT! You gotta be kidding me. I know it is a high dollar machine ( purchased at a steal on ebay) but this chick has been out of work for three years and is on a budget. What does a girl with no fear do? If you said start taking it apart you are correct!!
I removed all the sides, back and top.....while husband got nervous. found the leak and started taking it apart to fiure out why it was leaking. Simple.....needs new o-rings. Hubby goes to Lowes and gets what looks like the right size....wrong. They looked exactly the same but did not do the trick, so I called the maufacturer to see if they would sell me the o-rings and no dice. They will not even let any other service companies work on their machines.....snobs!
What do I do....detective work to find a supplier. I found suppliers all over Europe but could not read french. So I go where I should have to start trust allways helpful Ebay. Searched and found a guys who sells and works on this machine.....I won't tell the manufacturer if you don't. He shipped me the o-rings and order is restored in my home. How much money did I save you may be asking yourself right now......$261.00 smackarooooos~ Now that is what I am toalking about! Can you tell I am a little proud of myself? Oh yeah!!
Now I need to go downstairs and take pictures of the table set I just is too cute but must be sold.