Friday, June 11, 2010

I Listed Them...But It Might Surprise You Where.

I am gonna keep this short and to the point.
 eBay has classifieds and they are free. I know! I couldn't believe it either. But it is true.  Just Google eBay classifieds and bam...there it is. I listed my Chalkboard for $45 and my Blue Table for $100. I will let you know what they sell for. I also listed them on Craigslist.

6 comments: said...

great! good luck! I checked my area, not much going on. I guess a lot of people aren't familiar with it yet.
I have pretty good luck with CL, but I sell pretty cheap.
Sometimes I think I sell too cheap. Does that make sense? That the higher end buyers may not look at the cheap stuff? ;)
keep us posted!
ps have a great weekend!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Nuh uh...really? Did not know that! But Yay! Good Luck!

Beverly @ said...

Good Luck! And thanks for letting us know about ebay - I had no idea!

gnee said...

Love your fabulous table and chalk board. I hope you do well with both of them! Great info about ebay...there are lots of people out there who would never purchase and re-purpose something. The fact that you are creative and can will earn you some cash!

Jane said...

What a great find! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. As to your question, I didn't price it out, but I would be surprised it it was cheaper to make it myself...I just did it cuz I thought it would be fun with the kids. As to the wholesome-ness, I wouldn't say it was more wholesome (my hubbie is a dairy nutritionist, and based on our experiences, I'm totally good with teh wholesome-ness of ALL the dairy products we buy). But, one added plus for us was that there was no salt in the butter (most butter is salted), which was good for us bc hubbie has hearing issues that are much worse the more salt he consumes. Hope that answers your questions. And good luck on your selling! :)

Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor said...

Good Luck! They turned out so cute so I am sure you will get some bites!