Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Need A Lil' Help From My Fellow Bloggers!

OK. I need some help from my fellow bloggers! I am going to try to make a little money off this thing I have been doing since being introduced to Blog ville and all of you who inspire me so much. First I must tell you I am cheap, well lets say thrifty. Now that sounds better. The reason I started out with that is because I want to sell some of the things I have been refabbing. I can't keep it all and might as well make a little mullah doing what I love. Being that I am so thrifty, I have a hard time pricing things to sell. That is where you guys can help me. some of you are experienced at selling and could give me some pointers. Be brutal....don't spare the feelins'
I have two items that I am going to sell

Etsy? eBay? Craigslist?
How much?
Should I tell their life story and share my blog?
I will update on Where I list, how much listed for, and how much they sell for. This should be fun!


Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Now I would have said Ebay, only people shop there to SAVE $ I just got 4 table legs for 1 penny...so its just kind of insulting for the person selling! Personally...I think Etsy or Craigslist...Etsy because I think people who shop there appreciate hand-made, and the time invested...at least I do. Craigslist...because you won't have to worry about shipping, and I just like getting things off there. Or do as I am doing...build up your inventory and have a bigger sale of your own! Your stuff rocks...now the hard part is pricing...hmmmm? Good luck honey!

Anita said...

Wish I had pricing advice but I don't. I remade and sold anything before. But I would start with Craigslist as it's the easiest. I think you have some great items!

martha said...

They are both so beautiful. You really have an eye for color and design. Shipping costs would be prohibitive for both. So I'd go the Craigslist or "local pickup Ebay" route. I've sold some of my things on consignment in our downtown gift shop. It never hurts to ask....