Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Brass to ORB Goodness

I promised in my I Almost Missed The Bus post that I would tell you about the candle stand. So here goes.
My Mom is into junking and sells things in an antique mall. I have always groaned when I go to her house and see all the junk treasures. I should say the veil has been lifted from my eyes and I am my Mothers child! Ok...so anywhooo....I was digging around in her stuff one day when my husband was doing some house repairs and found this.....

It is brass and this sucker is heavy but I could see the vision as soon as I laid eyes on it.
In my excitement to introduce it to My good friend ORB I forgot to take process pictures. But I will get to the during momentarily. Without further ado....

Isn't it dreamy.

These two cheap Goodwill finds were jealous and begged for the same treatment! So I agreed with glee!

First I primed them with Auto body primer.....did the same to the big boy too.

YAY! ORB Goodness!

Here they are tucked in with my Spring goodness.
Can you believe I only paid .75 for the tall milk glass vase and .50 for the small one.

Thanks to all of the great blogs out in Blog land I will never look at anything without thinking .....

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michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That tall one rocks!!!!!!! Oh what a find! The little ones are adorable too! I wish I could find some like that !!!