Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Madness Must Stop!

I think my husband is about to ban me from Craigslist. I am collecting furniture and projects faster than I am refinishing! As frustrated as he gets every time I bring something else in he sees how happy it makes me and he gets over it. I will not push my luck tough. I have enough......ooooh I think?

As I mentioned in a previous post we organized the basement. I told you I would post pictures, and I will, but I can't even get to all of it to take pictures because it is all pushed in together. He bought casters to put all of the big stuff on so I can push it out and start on it without him being around. My man is genius!
Here are a few pictures of the things I could get to.
Freebie from Mom!

Hard to tell but there are 2 desks under that pile of stuff. That makes 3 desks that need to be fixed up!

Another freebie from Mom...don't hate me cause I am blessed with a junkin Mom!
She didn't even know that there was a drawer in it....
sorry it is blurrrrrry......I think the paint fumes from earlier in the day took a tole!
This next grouping came from Craigslist.....I LOVE IT SO!

Dresser, night stand, Chest of Drawers, Mirror and part of the headboard. Can you just see this now painted white with black hardware? Swoon!  I will show you the panels from the headboard later! I have a project in mind that will be flippin great!!!

This gives you an idea how tight it is packed in. there are more pieces stacked in there that I will show later.
Should I feel anxiety with this much stuff to do? Got a new spray gun and I am eager to use it!


Crystal said...

I'm glad to see there's someone else out there who is addicted to projects! I see the potential in them too. Great finds (especially the freebies). Good luck and happy painting!


Looks like you are going to be a busy painter. Just love furniture redos.

Kristi said...

Ha ha. My husband is the same way! Although, he is getting into it too. I found a fab mirror a few weeks ago and he said that he wanted to make it over. And he's also been clearing out the garage to make more room for me. Yippee!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Haha girl, wow! It looks like a furniture store! But how great is it that you have so much good stuff there! I can't wait to see how it all comes together!