Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Journey DONE!

Today was the close of one journey in mine and my husband's life. I was hit on my motorcycle (HD Street Glide) 2 years ago. That is the event that changed the path of our lives. A simpler cheaper life. You have to look for the good in everything. I am now able to stay home and craft and be the doting housewife that I always dream of being as a little girl.

I did not replace my bike after the wreck as I had a long recovery. My husband continued to ride, but not often like we used to. Well today we sold my husband's Road Glide. No more riding. Stop jumping up and down Mom......I know you are thrilled.  I took it around the block last night for the first time since my wreck and remembered the joy that I used to get from riding.

I am finding new ways to get that same thrill...high....excitement! Rehabbing others cast offs. I am hoping to start and Etsy site soon........Time to start a new journey!

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