Sunday, April 18, 2010

Building Dreams

Now.... I will tell you up front that there are no pictures in this if that is what you are huntin' I am sorry. I spent the day with my best friend (my hubby)! He didn't think my work area in the basement garage was organized enough. At first this stressed me out cause quite frankly I could work in the wake of a hurricane! He is slightly OCD but this is a good balance because he keeps me from total chaos and I keep him from getting too uptight. I guess that is why we have been together for 24 years.

I have to say he is "the man" when it comes to organizing. I can't focus long enough to do it....projects.....projects.....projects......they neeeed me.......they call me! YIKES....I almost forgot to tell you the best part! I got a spray gun to go on the compressor. I am thinking this will be more cost effective than spray paint. I went through about 7 cans on the gun cabinet.

Anywhooo....we took everything out of the garage bays and he set me up a work bench, a tool bench, my air compresor and we went to the store and got moving dollies so I can push the big pieces of furniture around when he is not here. Ummm tomorrow I will take pictures of all of the pieces I have to work on.

When I get started doing something I like I dive in  and take no prisoners......wait.....I could think of the sad pieces down there as prisoners and I will set them each free with a little .....well for some a whole lot of TLC.

Today I picked up my Grandparents antique buffet and table. These two pieces will be keepers. I think the rest will sell if the good Lord is willing. That is my goal.

Is it normal to dream about projects.....because if not I am in trouble!!!!!

I have to give my husband kudos for keeping his calm every time I have come home lately with really...this is the last piece a DIY project. Clutter drives him crazy and it looks like a moving truck gave birth in the basement. I hate it makes him crazy but it makes me giddy!!! Not clutter itself but what the clutter is........

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Amanda said...

Your hubby sounds like my boyfriend.