Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Padded Headboard

This is a headboard that me and my friend made for her daughter's new appartment. I have several other projects that we made as well that I will share in a later post.

The lettering above the bed was one of my first big Cricut projects.
The bed was made from 12 18inch square pieces of thin plywood. Lowes cut them all for us.
We then padded, wrapped with fabric and stapled and stapled and stapled...oh sorry. The memory is of the stapling going on FOREVER! Anywhoooo. Then we covered some bottons and tufted them in.

She will probably have to repair the walls when she leaves because we use commercial velcro on each square. I know! We were in a hurry and didn't think that prt through. There is always next time!

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