Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who Needs Goodwill When You Have a Junkin Mom

Oh I am so excited.......I could not wait to come home and post about my SCORE!!!!
I wanted all of blog land to know what a great Mom I have. I only have 3 followers at the moment, but I know if I just post it they will come! Wait...I think the line in the movie was build it and they will come. A.D.D,  A.D.D, A.D.D. Back to my rad Mom. Please don't hate when you see the goodies I came home with when I went to plundering at her house!!!!!

The desk is begging for a little lovin touch. And I am feeling pretty good about just how to do that!
Can't wait to show you when it is done....oh yeah.

The chicken wire is going to be used in a project I am working on now. I was very happy to find this because I did not want to buy a whole role. YAY!

I am either going to modge podge the wood box or give it some Cricut lovin!

As I read over the post to make sure my typing was keeping up with my A.D.D brain I notice that it sounds like I have a serious problem....well better this than drugs or alcohol!

Oh yea, oh yea......gonna have some good times!

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