Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off The Cuff

This is a new kind of project for me to share with you. I am a diverse crafter. I get bored doing just one thing and have always jumped from one thing to another. It drives my hubby crazy. Today I will show you a simple sewing project. I literally cut the cuff off of a thrift store shirt that I loved in the store....but hated on me when I wore it.
Didn't do step by step because this was pre-blogging.
Thought it would give you a sense of scale to see my hand. Just big enough for license and necessary cards when doing out for the night or quick run to the grocery store.

The only sewing was to stitch binding and clear plastic for pockets and handle.
The funny thing is I have never used it. Wanted to make up some stash for Etsy. Do you think this is Etsy worthy......

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Anita said...

I think it's cute and I love the fabric. It would be good for flea markets and yard sales where you want less to carry around! Maybe less velcro, and yes, etsy worthy!